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Since yesterday morning, I’ve continuously received phone calls from friends in the entertainment industry wanting to donate money to my charitable foundation. You are all so amazing. What moved me the most was seeing the quick rescue response from the Government and aid relief workers. Every time we are faced with a disaster, we are confronted with a big challenge – the challenge to provide disaster relief. Even more of a challenge is how to rebuild the area after such a disaster. Many volunteer workers from my Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (JCCF) have started planning already. We will continue to monitor the situation in the disaster zone and efficiently allocate funds, aid relief, and materials to areas in need the most. I hope everyone will continue to circulate the positive energy! Let us hope for the best and pray for those in the disaster area!


昨天到今天很多明星朋友打電話來要捐款到我的基金,你們真的很棒,我也特別感動看到政府及各界人 士這么快速的行動。每次災害來臨我們都面臨很大的挑戰,救災是挑戰,災后重建更是挑戰,成龍慈善 基金會在各地的志愿者已經行動起來,我們會一直關注災區情況,把捐款和物資送到最需要的時候和 地方。希望大家繼續傳遞正能量!為災區祈福!




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As soon as I got off the plane, I saw news of many soldiers, aid relief and rescue workers from around the country rushing to get to He Li in Sichuan province. Another big earthquake struck the region again! The news made me so worried. Right now all the rescue workers are gathering together, and I truly hope that all you good people going to the disaster zone to save others all remain safe! Let us all hope for the best and keep updated about the situation!

I’ve been following the latest situation on Lu Shan, and I’ve been worrying about the people there. I saw so many emotional images on TV. I saw injured children who put on a brave face with a smile; I saw a news reporter dressed in a wedding gown broadcasting the latest updates on site; I saw mothers using their body to shield their children; I saw a young man embracing his father waiting to be saved by rescue workers. All these images made my heart drop again. To the amazing people in Lu Shan, don’t give up! We are by your side.






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Many years ago, I remember my dad saying to me, “Don’t just be an action star; you need to be a good actor because you can’t continue to do action when you’re 60. But a good actor can act for many many years.”

I still remember those words very clearly, and it’s also my motivation to achieve my goal. After the Huading Awards ceremony several nights ago, CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac) also won Best Action Choreography at the prestigious Hong Kong Film Awards last night. My stunt team partner, He Jun, received the award with me and on the stage he thanked all the past and present Jackie Chan Stunt Team members and brothers who are now located all over the world. When I heard him say that, I felt so emotional because over the many years, the Jackie Chan stunt team has accompanied me throughout the continents around the world. They’ve help bring out the spirit of Chinese martial arts and demonstrated professional discipline to the world. No matter how long I decide to continue with doing action, the spirit of martial arts will remain and will be handed down to future generations.

Right now, what I really want to say to my dad is that I started from not knowing any martial arts to all the acting I’ve done up until now, I haven’t let you down and I haven’t let my fans down! I want to share this award with all the action stars out there!






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Every time I come back to Hong Kong, I get to see all the Build a School donations that children from all corners of the world send to me. Some of you might be asking – why are they sending me money? Well, many years ago, I made a request to all the children around the world and started the Build a School for a dollar project. If everyone donated their pocket money or spare change to me, no matter how much or how little, even just one dollar, I will match every dollar with another dollar and use all your donates towards charity.

Over the years, my office has continuously received donations from children all over the world. This time, I saw that a group of students from Germany drew many Chinese paintings and auctioned them off as a charity fundraising event for my Build a School for a Dollar project. In the end, they raised $650 Euros and sent it to my office. Also, a group of children from America amazingly wrote a Chinese letter to me. I was so surprised! All donations received by these young children, and my promise to match every dollar with another dollar, will all be used towards building another “Dragon’s Heart” school.

I’m so happy to receive your continual support towards charity over the many years. You are the peace and hope of our future! Thank you all for making this world a better place and more heartwarming!


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Last night was the Huading Awards ceremony. My movie CZ12 (aka Chinese Zodiac) was nominated for 4 awards, and we won 3 of them. And I’m so happy because this is my first time winning the Best Director award. But I haven’t been making movies all these years to win awards. Still, I’m very happy to receive this recognition from you all.

Seeing my JC Stunt Team win Best Action Choreography and Zhang Lanxin winning the Best New Actress award, watching them go on stage and listening to their speeches was happier than winning my own award.


I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my fans, the audience and my friends from all over the world. Thank you for your continual support!





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