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Today is suppose to be the second day of my 6th Annual Jackie Chan International Action Film Week but because of the recent COVID outbreak, we were forced to take sudden preventative measures and announced that our event would be delayed.  This meant that all our previous preparation work had to be redone but none of our staff had any complaints, and I’m extremely grateful because all our guests, artist and friends still agreed to participate even if the dates were changed. I’m very touched and very thankful to everyone for continuously supporting the action film industry.

To be honest, these few days has been a very difficult and sad time for me. On the evening of July 28th, a second generation JC Stunt team member, Yang Sheng, passed away due to illness.  He joined the JC Stunt team in 1984 and did some amazingly dangerous stunts while filming “Police Story”. It was during this time that I started to appreciate the skills and bravery of stuntmen from China. It feels like it was only yesterday when we endured so many life and death moments together……

I never imagined that just a few days later, today, I received another unbelievable and heartbreaking news. A fourth generation JC Stunt team member, Bradley James Allan, also passed away from illness….

Many years ago while I was filming “Mr. Nice Guy”, he was just a fan and I remember him coming to visit the set. At that time, he was crazy about Chinese Kung Fu and had practiced it for many years. It was because of his amazing skills and talent, he transformed from being a fan to a stuntman, and eventually joined my JC Stunt Team. He even fought with me in “Gorgeous”, and I think a lot of people remember this skillful boxer in the movie. He has also contributed to many of my movies.

Over the years, he’s made masterpieces that has amazed many people in film industry, including “Kingsman” film series, “Wonder Woman” and many others, making him a very well known action choreographer in Hollywood, and also an excellent role-model to many action stars.

Within the space of a few days, the JC Stunt team lost 2 family members. It’s hard to find words to describe how I feel. Apart from reminiscing my two brothers, I could only say to myself, I have to stay strong and continue with holding the Action Film Week, and continue running the China Stuntmen Association so that we can obtain more opportunities for stuntmen to perform their skills and present their work on an international stage, and also obtain more assurances and respect for even the most basic stuntmen in the industry.  I think I’ve reached a point in my life where if I know I have the ability to do something, I should do something, and it’s certain something I will do.

To my two brothers, there are no illnesses in heaven. Rest In Peace. Will always be missing you!




没想到短短几天过去,今天再度听到悲痛的消息,成家班第四代成员Bradley James Allan也因病离开……





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