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Not too long ago, the publisher in Japan named the Japanese version of my book as 《Youngster Forever》. I like this a lot. Growing old with age and seeing friends gradually leaving, the feeling of sadness in my heart is unavoidable. But today is my birthday and I received a message from my friend, a quote from Su Shi (a famous Chinese poet also known as Su Dongpo): “Old man lets loose some youthful wildness, left hand leading a yellow dog, right hand holding a grey eagle. Wine helps broaden bravery, my hair a little frosted on the temples, what harm could that be.” I suddenly felt as though I’m at this stage in life, or should I say that I still feel like a reckless youngster. I want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all my friends and fans for all your birthday wishes. May we all be forever young!




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