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Star Tour
I remember in 2010, I went on a star tour for Little Big Soldier. But that was nothing compared to the tour I’ve just done for CZ12.
My first stop for the tour was Moscow on December 6, 2012. After that, I was in Beijing for the official CZ12 premiere on 12.12.12. The following day I was in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong premiere. And then I went to Macau for the Asia Pacific Film Festival. Later, I went to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanking, Shenyang, Xian, Chongqing, and my final stop was Shenzhen.
Traveling on the train from Hangzhou to Nanking
 When we arrived at Shenyang, it was -23 degrees Celsius!
Wow, my schedule was super busy. I spent one day in each city. Sometimes I would lose track of where I was. Whenever my friends called me, they would ask where I was and I keep telling them the wrong place! (Oops! Sorry about that!)
Although my schedule was really crazy, I was very happy to meet all my fans from different parts of the world.
Fans in Xian
Fans in Shenyang
Fan gathering in Hangzhou
I was so happy today because one of my staff members told me that CZ12 made RMB$214 million (USD$34.3 million) in the box office for the first weekend in China. Not only that, CZ12 also topped the charts in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. I devoted so much time and effort and heart with producing this movie. Hearing these results just makes me so happy.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans for all your support!
Merry Christmas!
White Christmas in China!
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Last night was the Premiere event for my movie, CZ12, in Beijing.  By the time I got home, it was nearly 3am and I still had to pack and get ready for my next stop in Hong Kong followed by Macau.
I arrived in Hong Kong at around 12:30pm and then went straight home to get changed and prepare for the Hong Kong premiere of CZ12, which will be held tonight.
Tonight’s charity Gala Premiere event is presented by Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) and Po Leung Kuk Charitable Foundation. But before the Gala event, I had a press junket on the 118th floor of ICC (International Commerce Center). I was so shocked when I went into the lift. I’ve never seen so many buttons in a lift before!
My afternoon started with many different interviews, one after another. Newspaper, magazines, TV, and radio. As many of you may already know, I don’t like doing press junkets. But the venue we went to today was very pretty.
The three female actresses in CZ12, Yao Xing Tong, Zhang Lan Xin and Laura Weissbecker, were also with me today for the Gala Premiere event. They will travel with me over the next few days to promote CZ12.
Remember to watch CZ12 on December 20, 2012 if you’re in Asia!! And tell me what you think of the movie. Thanks for all your support.
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Every morning I’m busy because the first thing I do is check my schedule for the day. Today was no exception. However, while busy checking my schedule today, I suddenly noticed it was snowing outside! I love snow in Beijing. People say that heavy snow promises good harvest. I just had a good harvest yesterday with over 600 fans watching my new movie CZ12. Seeing their smiles and knowing that they loved the movie made all the hard work worth every effort.
Today is a very special day, not just because it’s the premiere day for CZ12, but it’s also a very special date – 12.12.12. This will be the last time you’ll see this kind of date in this century! To mark the special moment, I took this photo in the snow at 12pm on December 12, 2012 (12:00, 12.12.12).
Many friends attended the premiere event in support of CZ12. They included lead actresses who featured in my previous movies, such as Zhang Jing Chu (Rush Hour 3), Crystal Liu Yi Fei (The Forbidden Kingdom), Annie Wu Chen Jun (Police Story 4), Lin Peng (Little Big Soilder), also Angelababy, Yang Kun and many others. Thank you all for coming! I was also very touched because Wang Leehom and Lang Lang came especially to support my movie. Leehom wrote the ending song to CZ12 and he performed it during the premiere event. Lang Lang traveled several thousand miles just to come to the event. I truly appreciate their support.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my production crew who have filmed with me for so long and helped make this movie happen. I was so happy because during the movie, I heard the audience laugh which means they enjoyed the movie. And at the end, there was a very long applause from the audience! I was so overwhelmed; words just cannot describe the feeling I had at that moment. Honestly, dreams are expensive but I deeply treasure the opportunity of filming CZ12 and actually finally completing it! This movie took seven years to prepare and one year to shoot. As many of you may already know, I traveled to Paris, Taiwan, Vanuatu, the South Pacific, Australia, Latvia, Beijing, Hong Kong…all over the world and filmed action on land, sea and air.
Well known calligraphy writer, Wang Yong Yu, especially wrote the title for CZ12 《十二生肖》 in Chinese for me. He’s already 89 years old but I was so honored tonight because he came to watch the movie premiere. Also Mr. Gary Locke (the American ambassador to China) came with his wife and children in support of the film. At the end of the event, Leehom came up to me and said that he really enjoyed the film. He even said that there were parts when he had tears in his eyes.
I love making movies and I love you all!
Early tomorrow morning, I will be flying to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong premiere for CZ12. The next few weeks are going to be super busy with promoting my movie.
Don’t forget that the nationwide release (in Asia) is on the 20th December, 2012. I hope all my fans will enjoy the film. Remember to let me know what you think after you see it!
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Countdown to “CZ12” Premiere
One more day until the World Gala Premiere of my new movie, CZ12. Today, I finally got to meet the 365 fans who I picked from our official “CZ12” website to come and watch the premier with me. They will be the first group of people to see my “baby”- CZ12.
I was so impressed because a lot of them traveled nearly 18 hours to come and watch CZ12 in Beijing.
They brought me so many gifts. I was very happy to see them. They’re all going to the Gala Premiere tomorrow as well. Thank you to all my fans!
December 12
Lucky snow.
To be continued…
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Photo courtesy Sina
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Day trip to Moscow
I always ask myself…Why am I so busy?
A lot has happened over the past couple of days. First of all, when I arrived in Shanghai, I discovered that my luggage was – LOST! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either. But I was so busy, I didn’t have time to think about my clothes. There was a press conference, interviews, recording TV programs and photo calls all waiting for me.  By the end of the day, I felt like I was a talking machine. I think I spoke more than five million Chinese words!  After attending all the events, I set off to my next destination – Moscow. I was so tired on the plane, I slept through the whole flight. It felt so great to have some peace and quiet and finally get away from all those interviews, phone calls, texts etc.  By the time I arrived in Moscow, it was 8am but the sky was still dark.
December 6, 2012: 10-hour Visit
Remember I said I lost my luggage yesterday?  I had no clothes and no underwear to change for three days. When I got to my hotel room, I was so happy because I saw my luggage again. It traveled all by itself from Beijing to Shanghai,  finally arriving in Moscow. Anyway, my 10-hour visit to Moscow began. Again, photo calls, press conferences, interviews, TV programs, greeting fans… the same routine. But what I didn’t expect was how bad the traffic was in Moscow.
So that was my day; three hours caught in traffic, seven hours non-stop talking in English, ten hours totally exhausted.
On my way to the airport, I realized that I had breakfast and lunch in Beijing, dinner in Shanghai, supper on the plane and then breakfast in Moscow…and now dinner on the plane again. Haha!
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