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The money in the photos is from my fans, my followers on Weibo, and also from the rescue team in Shanghai, Gansu, and Anhui. They’ve donated money to my Dragons Heart Project for the children in disaster struck areas. The total amount is close to RMB$60,000! Even my young fans are donating $10 to help the disaster areas.


I’m also very proud of myself because my charitable deeds are spreading so broad and so fast. People are starting to understand the joy and satisfaction of giving love. I will persevere, work hard, and become a good lead by example like the locomotive of a train.




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Lately I’ve been so busy, I can’t even remember what day it is! I’ve been having meetings every day, one after another. I nearly forgot that today was a very special day.

Two of my very bored assistants had nothing much to do so they prepared a mini party for my two babies, LA and ZY. It’s their birthday today! They even prepared birthday cards, balloons, decorations, and a very special birthday cake.


We celebrated their birthday together. My two babies are 3 years old already! Happy Birthday, LA ZY!




最近真是忙到不亦樂乎,每天會議是一個接一個,我連今天是星期幾都記不住,卻有兩個時間太多,太無聊的”助理”花了N多時間,畫生日卡、準備汽球、還有一個很趣緻的生日蛋糕,替我的小寶貝”LA ZY “慶祝生日。我還是要謝謝他們!這兩個助理看著他們長大出生Happy Birthday, LA ZY! 你們今天三歲了!


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I was so happy to see that my staff had started a project that I mentioned last time I was in Hong Kong. I had an idea of turning one of the rooms in my office into an art gallery displaying my entire collection of photos, paintings, awards, certificates, Chinese calligraphy and artwork. Coming back and seeing that they had finished part of it made me so happy. I saw a few that were out of place so I helped re-arrange it also filled some gaps on the wall. I think this room will be very impressive when it’s finished!


sm-art gallery-edited

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These few days, the flooding in Sichuan has been quite serious. I saw the news on TV. It makes me so sad to see such a beautiful place being struck by natural disasters, one event after another. I hope everyone will continue to be more aware of the situation and continue to help the area.


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Next week is LA & ZY Chan’s 3rd birthday!
Celebrate with La & Zy by sending them a birthday wish, an e-card, a drawing, or anything that can be emailed. Click here for more details!…


la zy b-day 100713