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Yesterday, I especially flew to Taiwan to attend the grand opening of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. Following the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore, the National Palace (southern branch) in Taiwan is the second museum to receive my 12 Chinese Zodiacs bronze heads that have taken us many years to make. Thanks to a team of creative artists and designers for their hard work and efforts, I was finally able to donate the bronze zodiac heads to Taiwan and have them displayed in the main museum at the southern branch. I was very excited and pleased to see the serene and impressive exhibit. I truly hope that more and more people will better understand my heartfelt intentions of protecting our history and respecting our culture.

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December 7, 2015

Early this morning, I heard the news that my good friend, Ko Chun Hsiung, passed away…. I recently saw an interview of him at the Golden Horse Awards, and I noticed that he wasn’t well because he’d lost a lot of weight. I had never imagined that just a few days later, he passed away.

I remember during pre-production for Miracles, we were discussing who should play the boss of the Fujian Gang. Without a second thought, we immediately knew that there was no better person to play the part but him. His fluent Hokkienese was perfect for the role.

I’m currently working on the set of my new film and it’s freezing cold, but my mind is filled with flashbacks and memories of when we worked together, his friendly warm smile and hearty laughter. May you rest in peace my dear friend.





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