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Since yesterday morning, I’ve continuously received phone calls from friends in the entertainment industry wanting to donate money to my charitable foundation. You are all so amazing. What moved me the most was seeing the quick rescue response from the Government and aid relief workers. Every time we are faced with a disaster, we are confronted with a big challenge – the challenge to provide disaster relief. Even more of a challenge is how to rebuild the area after such a disaster. Many volunteer workers from my Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (JCCF) have started planning already. We will continue to monitor the situation in the disaster zone and efficiently allocate funds, aid relief, and materials to areas in need the most. I hope everyone will continue to circulate the positive energy! Let us hope for the best and pray for those in the disaster area!


昨天到今天很多明星朋友打電話來要捐款到我的基金,你們真的很棒,我也特別感動看到政府及各界人 士這么快速的行動。每次災害來臨我們都面臨很大的挑戰,救災是挑戰,災后重建更是挑戰,成龍慈善 基金會在各地的志愿者已經行動起來,我們會一直關注災區情況,把捐款和物資送到最需要的時候和 地方。希望大家繼續傳遞正能量!為災區祈福!




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