20. April 2013 · Comments Off on Another Earthquake Strikes Sichuan · Categories: Uncategorized

As soon as I got off the plane, I saw news of many soldiers, aid relief and rescue workers from around the country rushing to get to He Li in Sichuan province. Another big earthquake struck the region again! The news made me so worried. Right now all the rescue workers are gathering together, and I truly hope that all you good people going to the disaster zone to save others all remain safe! Let us all hope for the best and keep updated about the situation!

I’ve been following the latest situation on Lu Shan, and I’ve been worrying about the people there. I saw so many emotional images on TV. I saw injured children who put on a brave face with a smile; I saw a news reporter dressed in a wedding gown broadcasting the latest updates on site; I saw mothers using their body to shield their children; I saw a young man embracing his father waiting to be saved by rescue workers. All these images made my heart drop again. To the amazing people in Lu Shan, don’t give up! We are by your side.






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