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Today I attended a promotional event for a nature themed documentary by BBC called Earth: One Amazing Day, featuring many different kinds of wildlife creatures and animals. I’ve always loved animals, and a lot of my acting is inspired by them. As the narrator for this documentary, I recorded in the studio for 6 hours straight and absolutely enjoyed it! As I was recording, I couldn’t stop thinking about the young people today and how they’re living in concrete jungles surrounded by tall buildings, carrying laptops and cellphones, and forgetting about how beautiful nature and wildlife really is. This documentary has given us an opportunity to re-discover the natural world. In the film industry, we’ve always had a saying: “children and animals can’t be filmed”, because we know that they’re too difficult to film! You just can’t control them. Earth: One Amazing Day is about nature, wildlife, and animals in their natural habitat. Every unique shot captured on film is a result of many months of patience, with footage from unseen angles and perspectives never seen before. I’d like to take this opportunity to give full credit to the director, cinematographer, and the entire production crew for sacrificing your time and energy in making such a beautiful documentary. It’s not very often that I recommend people to go see a movie, but this one I highly recommend because it’s definitely worth watching! The film will be released on August 11th, just in time for the summer holidays. Adults can take your kids to watch the movie, and I assure you that you’ll all enjoy it! At the event, I also received some gifts from fans. Thank you! I’ve read your letters and received your donations. Thank you so much!




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