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I’m sure my fans and close friends already know that I have two golden retrievers, and they’ve been with me for many years. One is called JJ, the other is called Jones. It’s sad to see them getting old and a lot of health problems have started to come out. I always miss them when I’m not in Hong Kong. But, compared to the lonely stray dogs on the streets who have no one to look after them, I’d say JJ and Jones are considered very lucky. In support of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization in Asia), I’d like to make an appeal to all pet lovers around the world, try adopting a pet instead of buying commercially bred animals. I hope everyone can be more compassionate towards stray dogs, stray cats, and other stray animals. This year is the year of the dog, and I’d like to take this opportunity with JJ and Jones to send you our well wishes! We hope you all have a wonderful Chinese New Year! May the year of the dog bring you good luck and prosperity! And may everything flourish in great ways~


我的影迷和好朋友們都知道,我有兩只金毛狗狗,它們已經陪伴了我很多年,一隻叫JJ,一隻叫Jones,它們現在年紀大了,身體也很多毛病,我不在香港的時候,總會很掛念它們,但是無論如何,比起那些沒有人照顧的流浪狗來說,JJ和Jones還是非常幸運的。受PETA亞洲善待動物組織 的邀約,我在此向大家發出呼籲,希望愛動物人士可以用領養替代買賣,希望大家能關愛所有的流浪狗和流浪動物。今年是狗年,我和我的兩只狗狗給大家拜年啦,祝大家春節快樂! 狗年大吉! 一切都旺旺~


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I rushed back to Hong Kong to attend the funeral of my brother, Willie Chan. But just as I arrived, I received another sad and heartbreaking news. Mona Fong Yat Wah, Lady Shaw, my ‘Fong Jie’…passed away…. She and Run Run Shaw have watched me grow from an absolute nobody to a person that people became to know. We’ve known each other for so many decades. She’s a close friend and someone I highly respect. I last saw her in March while I was in Hong Kong, and we said that we’d have a party next time I’m in town. I’d never thought that that day was the last day I’d ever see her…. A lot of people don’t realize that saying ‘goodbye’ today might be the last goodbye ever! You might not get a chance to say it again. 

Saying goodbye to my two close friends tonight has been tough. Words cannot describe how I feel at the moment. Why is it that we only truly understand how to cherish people after they’re gone? My dearest Fong Jie, Rest In Peace. My dearest brother, Rest In Peace. You’re always in my heart. 



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Was happy to appear on CCTV6’s program “Guo Pian Da Shou Ying” (China Premiere) with my 5th generation JC Stunt Team Choreographer, Han Guan Hua. We revealed some behind the scenes from my upcoming new movie, The Foreigner. I was pleasantly surprised when program organizers invited fans from all over the world on the show.



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Thank you my dearest fans! I received all your gifts and donations! I was very impressed with the two large photo albums. While looking through it with my friend in the evening, my friend kept saying, “it’s so meaningful, it’s so meaningful”…. there were many photos in the album that even I haven’t seen before! How did you find those photos? Seeing how I’ve changed over the years, it made me think about a lot of things. Thank you for your continuous support and thank you for being with me for over the years!



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How many of you still remember “Jackie Chan Adventures” from 17 years ago? Finally after 7 years of development, the “All New Jackie Chan Adventures” launched yesterday (August 14) on major children’s channels around China, such as BTV KAKU Children’s Satellite Channel, YOU MAN Cartoon, JIA JIA Cartoon, Aniworld TV, and TOONMAX TV. At the end of every episode, I’ll share some useful tips for kids that can be use everyday.  I’ve always wanted to make a refreshing animation series that is entertaining, educational, and suitable for the Chinese audience. Let’s follow the J-Team in being the Guardian of Dreams, and help protect our world of dreams and fantasy.

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