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I’ve been very busy the past few days, attending events in different places around the world. The other night, I was at the closing ceremony for the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF). When I walked on the stage, Luc Besson welcomed me with a big hug, then lifted me up and spun me around a few times.

bjff stage

Soon after the BJIFF ceremony ended, I rushed to the airport and began my long flight from Beijing to Italy. After 11 hours on the plane, we finally arrived in Udine, Italy. Why am I here? To attend the Far East Film Festival (FEFF)! Actually, FEFF have invited me to attend this festival for 17 years already. But each time I’ve had to turn them down because of my busy schedule. This time, I finally made it. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Udine for your continual sincerity over the many years and your perseverance to invite me to your city.


Udine is such a beautiful little city and of course I wanted to go out and explore the streets. But as soon as I walked out of my hotel, I was surrounded by so many enthusiastic fans.



Dragon Blade was the opening film for the FEFF. When they started to play the film, I hid to one side and watched the viewers watching my film. I honestly think that movies are a universal language. Even though Dragon Blade was not in Italian, I noticed how all the viewers in the theatre watched in awe and with full attention.


Towards the end of the movie, I saw quite a few people in the crowd silently wiping tears from their faces. And when the film ended, applause filled the theatre filled that lasted for nearly 5 minutes. Director Daniel Lee Yan Kong was also with me and we both felt so touched by their reaction.

award 2

Organizers of FEFF also awarded me the Golden Mulberry Life Achievement Award. I think this award looks very special, don’t you think?



award with daniel lee


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I visited Oriental DreamWorks with my two pandas, La & Zy the other day.


We had a quick tour around the office….



And met their amazing team!


I can’t say too much about my current filming project at the moment. All I can say is….. Kung Fu Panda 3.

Yesterday, I flew to Kuching, Malaysia to attend the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards 2015 (AIFFA) event. I was so happy when I arrived because I saw so many passionate fans welcoming me.


But the happiest thing of all was meeting with my old friend, Michelle Yeoh. I truly cherish every moment and opportunity we have to see each other because we’re usually so busy that we don’t get a chance to even meet. In my new book, I also wrote a section just about her!


I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of AIFFA and awarding me the ASEAN Inspirational Award. Thank you all for trusting me and I am very grateful for your support! Thank you.



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I’m so happy today! Not only did my fans give me presents on my birthday, they also gave me money for my Build a School for a Dollar project. Don’t worry my dear fans! Every dollar you donate, I will match that donation with another dollar. If you donate $1000, I will match that donation with another $1000. I know that fans from all over the world have sent me gifts and donations for my birthday, including fans from Russia, USA, China, Poland, France, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, India…. many many places! I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big heartfelt thank you for all your kind wishes. I don’t know if you saw my message on Facebook. Just in case you didn’t, I’ll write it here as well:

It seems like it was only yesterday when I celebrated my 60th birthday with my fans in Beijing. Before you know it, one year has passed already. I don’t know where all the time has gone!

I know that many fans from all over the world want to send presents to me. Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you for all your kind thoughts. I truly appreciate your support. My only wish this year is for my fans not to think of me by sending me gifts, but to first think of the people around you; think of your community; and think of charity. Instead of sending presents for my birthday, you can use that money and donate it to my Dragon’s Heart Build a School for a Dollar Project. This would be the best gift I could ever receive. So remember, don’t send me presents this year! If you give one dollar to my Build a School for a Dollar Project, I will match your donation with another dollar! My lovely staff in Hong Kong will help gather all your donations. Here is the postage address for my office in Hong Kong:

Build a School for a Dollar Project
The JC Group
No. 70 Pak To Avenue
Clear Water Bat Road
Clear Water Bay

This year, I didn’t do anything special to celebrate my birthday, but I’m still very happy because of YOU. Thank you all for your gifts!








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February 16 – 22, 2015
Film Junket; Chinese New Year; Family and Friends




2014 was the year of the horse, which is the same zodiac sign as the year I was born in. At the beginning of the year, people kept telling me about how some things were going to be smooth, some things not so smooth. I’ve never been a superstitious person and usually don’t believe these fortune telling things. But thinking back at all the things that have happened in 2014, there are some things where I can’t say that I cannot believe. I even joked with my friends and said, “I don’t like the horse that much now; I’m starting to like the ram more because 2015 is the year of the ram.”



At the beginning of 2015, I was invited to Malaysia and received the honor of Datuk. Following that, I was named the 4th most admired person in the world (behind Bill Gates, President Barack Obama, and President Xi Jinping). We then started our film junket for promoting my new movie, Dragon Blade 《天将雄师》 (“Tian Jiang Xiong Shi”). Feedback on this movie has been positive so far and I’m very pleased with the result. But the thing I’m most grateful for this year is that my son has become a much better, more understanding, and more mature person. I used to call him “Xiao Fang Zi” (literally meaning little Jaycee). Now I call him “Fang Zi” (Jaycee).


We’ve been promoting Dragon Blade all over Asia; from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Malaysia, and then to Taiwan, Thailand…. I even spent the Lunar New Year holiday period working and promoting my new movie. This year’s Chinese New Year has felt the same as any other year. I spent it flying from country to country, seeing different airports every day, traveling in 7seater cars, going to hotels, doing interviews, visiting movie theaters…. I can never remember which city I’m in. Even my assistant makes fun of me saying that I’m starting to lose my memory! Lucky, I’ve been able to take a rest these few days. After settling down and having some quiet time to myself, I discovered that this holiday period is actually quite different from previous years.


Promoting Dragon Blade has been different from promoting my other movies because this year I’m finally not the only actor doing the promotional work. Apart from the movie’s young cast members including actress Lin Peng, Wang RuoXin and Korean actor Choi Siwon, two Hollywood superstars John Cusack and Adrien Brody were also on the film junket promoting the film. With them on board, I finally didn’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. It really has been the happiest and most relaxing junket I’ve had in many years.

The style of the movie Dragon Blade is slightly different from the usual Jackie Chan movies you’ve seen before. Even so, many fans around the world like this movie very much. This shows that the audience still enjoys serious blockbuster productions, which makes me feel very pleased because I truly appreciate my fans for their enthusiasm. Because of your support, the movie industry in China has flourished and is now the second largest film industry in the world. Over the years, we’ve attracted large production companies, investors, and movie stars from the West to take part in making movies in China, and more and more foreign viewers are starting to enjoy Asian films. I feel very pleased and grateful because I’m seeing this happen right before my eyes.


It’s been a long time since I last visited Taiwan and this time, I’ve finally come back for the promotion of Dragon Blade. I was so touched because I saw so many heartwarming and enthusiastic fans. They haven’t forgotten Jackie Chan. During this junket stop in Taiwan, I spoke to the Taiwanese press about a lot of things. Many of the reporters have been longtime friends of mine and over the past few years, we’ve all experienced different things in our lives. Being able to sit down together, sharing these experiences was actually very pleasant and hard to come by.




The most unexpected thing I experienced this year was realizing the meaning and importance of family and friends. In fact, there has been a lot of unexpected surprises compared to any other year. When I was young, I never really cared about these feelings. I just cared about working with my JC Stunt team, working hard and making movies together, going places and overcoming challenges together, and continuously testing my limits to the extreme. But recently, especially during these past few years, I’ve grown older and I’ve started to understand the importance of family. Especially after what happened to “Fang zi” (Jaycee) last year, I’ve learned to communicate more with my wife and to show more care for them. It has given me an opportunity to better understand them. The most important thing is that I realized how much they truly meant to me. Now that “Fang zi” (Jaycee) is back home, I’m really looking forward to seeing him and my wife after promotional work for this movie has finished. It’s Chinese New Year again. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my fans and friends: happy family gathering! Cherish and value your family.


I’d also like to wish all my fans around the world a very happy Chinese New Year!!


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刚刚过去的2014年是马年,也是我的本命年,当初人家说本命年要么大顺,要么不顺,我向来是个不迷信的人,都没太在意。后来2014年真的发生一些事,我跟朋友们开玩笑说我都开始不喜欢马了!我开始喜欢羊了!因为2015年到来,年初先是去马来西亚获封了拿督,又成为世界第四位最受景仰的人,接着带着剧组跑《天将雄师》的宣传,电影的口碑很好,我也很开心,最欣慰的是,我得到了一个更好更懂事的房子 (小房子变房子了)。


《天将雄师》这次的宣传跟过去不同,大家终于不再只依赖我一个人了,除了林鹏、王若心、崔始源这些年轻演员之外,还有两位好莱坞明星John Cusack和Adrien Brody全程一起跑,有大家共同分担,我终于不用整天回答同样的问题超过一百次,真的是近几年来最开心最轻松的一次。