Yesterday, I had a wonderful day in LA. I went to visit a friend and drove over an hour just to see him. His house is very beautiful, but I didn’t take too much notice of it because as soon as I saw him, I immediately turned into one of his fans and paid full attention to every word he said. Who is he? He’s one of the world’s best music producers, David Foster!

photo 2-10-06

I absolutely love his music. At one stage, I bought over 60 of his CDs and gave it to my close friends. I look forward to cooperating with him one day.


After meeting with David Foster, I had nothing to do in the afternoon. It’s very seldom that I have spare time to relax and I thought I could sit down, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy the views on Sunset Boulevard. But of course, people recognized me and all of a sudden, it became a mini International Fans Photo gathering! There were fans from America, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, Middle East and even Europe! After a few quick photos with my fans, I left straight away!


photo -10-06

Before I went back to the hotel, I went to visit the old house I used to own when I was living in LA. I just wanted to go back, have a look, and take a few photos. A lot of plants and trees that I used to look after were slowly withering away. Looking at the plants made me sad!


photo 3-10-06


昨天是我在LA很開心的一天,為了去見他我要開一個多小時車程去他家,他的家很漂亮,但是我沒太多心思去注意,我像個小粉絲一樣,只知道全神灌注聽他講話。他就是其中一個世界級的音樂製作人David Foster ! 我非常喜歡他的音樂,我曾經一次買了60多張他的CD,送給我的好朋友,好期待與他合作。與他小聚後,我偷得浮生半日閑,以為可以靜下來喝杯咖啡,欣賞日落大道的風景,卻被人發現了,變成了一個突發的”國際影迷拍照會”,包括美國、中國、香港、泰國、墨西哥、中東、歐洲的FANS! 只好馬上離開!



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After flying 15 hours from Shanghai to USA, I finally arrived in Los Angeles. I knew that as soon as I landed, my busy schedule for USA will begin. I first had a meeting with a director and scriptwriter, and that lasted for three hours. After the meeting, I attended my first event for this trip, “An Academy Salute to Jackie Chan”! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science especially arranged an academy salute to me.

photo 1

I saw many fans from all over the world but there were only a limited number of tickets to the event. From what my staff told me, over a thousand tickets were available for sale but it was all sold out very fast and many fans couldn’t buy tickets to get in. So a lot of fans just waited outside the theatre during the entire event. There was one particular fan who asked a friend of a friend to introduce him to my American manager, and my manager told me that the fan flew from New York especially to see me. In fact, the first time the fan met me, he was only 15 years old! And the second time he saw me was when he was 25 years old. This year, this fan had just turned 40.

photo 2

I have to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal fans for your continuous support. Because of you, I’ve been able to survive till today! You have been my greatest motivation. So I’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you to all of you who have supported me over the many years! Thank you!




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To the elderly people living in the Ya’an disaster area, I’d like you all to know that I specially ordered some modern style houses that is designed to withstand earthquakes and any other type of natural disaster. The houses are leaving Beijing today and are on the way to being delivered to Ya’an! Within the next two months, the new houses will be ready for you to use. What surprised me the most was when I visited the factory in Beijing today, many new and old friends donated money and materials when the delivery trucks prepared to leave for Ya’an. Not only will we be constructing houses for the people in Ya’an, we will also be delivering essential daily items to the area on a regular basis. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who participated in the operation today. Thank you all!






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After spending a few days in Cannes for the promotion of my upcoming new movie, Skiptrace, I rushed back to Beijing and attended the “China Popstar” Initiation Ceremony to mark the start of the new program. China Popstar is similar to The Voice of China program, and I’m also their “Aspiration Goodwill Ambassador”. In fact, I’ve always wanted to hold another The Disciple competition because the range of talent from the first series was too much and I missed a lot of talented contestants. I think that the concept behind China Popstar is very similar to the ideas I had in mind, and since I don’t have time to organize another The Disciple program, I decided to take part in this new program and be their Goodwill Ambassador, helping them promote this idea to the younger generation. I hope we can develop more energy and give young people with dreams and aspirations a platform to perform their talents.







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For me, Being in Cannes is no different to being in any other country because when I wake up every day, I prepare myself for work. And every day for me is meetings, more meetings, eat dinner, and then maybe attend a party or event. But to be very honest, I see all this as work. It’s just that I’m in a different place, meeting different friends (or strangers) at a different restaurant. Each time when I see someone, I would stand up and greet them then sit down, stand up again and then sit down.


Today in Cannes, apart from the usual work, the thing that got me most excited is that I bumped into world’s best football player of all time — Pele! I think a lot of young fans today don’t know who he is. But in my generation, Pele was an amazing footballer! A true superstar! He is a legend! He is going to be very busy in the year to come because the football World Cup will be held in Brazil next year. I look forward to watching the 2014 World Cup!




康城對於我來說,從我每天早上起來就是工作。開會、再開會,吃飯、party是少不了的應酬,但對我來說,都是在工作,在不同的地方餐廳每次見到朋友或陌生人,我都會禮貌地起來,坐下,再起來,坐下打招呼,今天工作之餘,令我最高興的是,我在晚餐時碰到世界球王貝利,可能很多年青人不認識他,但在我們這一代,球王貝利是永遠的傳奇!He is a legend! 他在未來的一年中,會非常忙碌,因為明年世界杯將會在巴西舉辦。 我非常期待明年的世界杯!


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