After spending a few days in Cannes for the promotion of my upcoming new movie, Skiptrace, I rushed back to Beijing and attended the “China Popstar” Initiation Ceremony to mark the start of the new program. China Popstar is similar to The Voice of China program, and I’m also their “Aspiration Goodwill Ambassador”. In fact, I’ve always wanted to hold another The Disciple competition because the range of talent from the first series was too much and I missed a lot of talented contestants. I think that the concept behind China Popstar is very similar to the ideas I had in mind, and since I don’t have time to organize another The Disciple program, I decided to take part in this new program and be their Goodwill Ambassador, helping them promote this idea to the younger generation. I hope we can develop more energy and give young people with dreams and aspirations a platform to perform their talents.







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For me, Being in Cannes is no different to being in any other country because when I wake up every day, I prepare myself for work. And every day for me is meetings, more meetings, eat dinner, and then maybe attend a party or event. But to be very honest, I see all this as work. It’s just that I’m in a different place, meeting different friends (or strangers) at a different restaurant. Each time when I see someone, I would stand up and greet them then sit down, stand up again and then sit down.


Today in Cannes, apart from the usual work, the thing that got me most excited is that I bumped into world’s best football player of all time — Pele! I think a lot of young fans today don’t know who he is. But in my generation, Pele was an amazing footballer! A true superstar! He is a legend! He is going to be very busy in the year to come because the football World Cup will be held in Brazil next year. I look forward to watching the 2014 World Cup!




康城對於我來說,從我每天早上起來就是工作。開會、再開會,吃飯、party是少不了的應酬,但對我來說,都是在工作,在不同的地方餐廳每次見到朋友或陌生人,我都會禮貌地起來,坐下,再起來,坐下打招呼,今天工作之餘,令我最高興的是,我在晚餐時碰到世界球王貝利,可能很多年青人不認識他,但在我們這一代,球王貝利是永遠的傳奇!He is a legend! 他在未來的一年中,會非常忙碌,因為明年世界杯將會在巴西舉辦。 我非常期待明年的世界杯!


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Every year when I come to Cannes for the Film Festival, I always feel so excited. But at the same time, I also feel very tired because I have to travel over 11 hours on the plane. My two assistants slept very well on the way there, while I spent the entire journey working on my computer! I’ve always wondered: why hasn’t someone invented a software program that can understand your instructions when you tell it to do something?


After over 11 hours on the plane, we safely arrived in Cannes. I thought that as soon as I got off the plane, I could eat some lunch and then go out for a walk. But I was wrong. Because there were so many people outside who have come especially for the Film festival, I ended up being locked in my hotel room. But that’s okay. I immediately decided to have a script meeting for my new movie. I was actually feeling very tired, but there were directors and production members from all corners of the world who had come especially to have a script meeting with me. When the meeting started, all of a sudden I wasn’t feeling tired anymore and got even more excited as we discussed the ideas. I can tell that they put a lot of time and effort into the preparation work. They showed me many reference pictures and gathered lots of information. The results were very pleasing. The meeting lasted for 4 hours and I didn’t feel tired at all. Right now, it’s windy and raining outside. I feel so sorry for the actors and actresses who have to walk the red carpet tonight! Especially the actresses! Looks like I’ll be staying in my hotel room for a quiet night in.



每年來到康城,心情都好興奮,但是又很累,因為要坐十幾個小時飛機。我兩個助理睡得好甜好香,而我十幾個小時都在弄電腦。為甚麼沒有人發明你說甚麼電腦就幫你做甚麼,平安到達康城,以為可以吃個午餐,再出去走走,卻被關在酒店,立刻為新電影開劇本會議。本來已經很累,但一開始與來自世界各地的工作人員和導演聊劇本,我又越說越精神,他們都很用功,準備了很多圖片資料給我看,收獲不錯。四個小時的會議才剛結束,我一點睡意都沒有,現在外面又是風又是雨,可憐那些走紅地毯的演員們,尤其是那些女明星 看來我還是乖乖的留在酒店吧!


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Today I’ve been soooo busy. Interview, interview, interview … and then meetings, meetings, meetings. I also attended a press release conference. And right now, I just finished doing an interview with Bai Yansong for his show “News 1+1”. I know before, a lot of people have been concerned with the old historic Chinese wooden houses that I have. Remember a few weeks ago, I said that I wanted to find a time to explain my story in detail? As usual, I kept my promise! To all my friends and fans who are interested in the full story, tomorrow night on CCTV News Channel at 21:30 (Beijing time), the program “News 1+1” hosted by Mr. Bai Yansong will be broadcast and my story will be told there. If you watch the program, you will fully understand the entire process and reasons behind my decisions. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your care and concerns towards China’s history and culture, and I hope even more people will be interested in this area in the near future. Thank you.






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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been behind closed doors working hard on a new script. But apart from that, I’ve also been keeping a close eye on the situation in the earthquake struck disaster zone of Ya’an and Guangxi. I had a discussion with my staff and suggested that a group of directors from a television station to visit the disaster zone, and under the condition that they don’t disturb current rescue efforts in the area, they shoot some footage for me so I can better understand what the real situation is like right now. Then I know how to help them. I’ve heard people say that Ya’an is well known for producing tea leaves. Because of this disaster, over 350,000 tea leave farms have been damaged. As soon as I heard this news, I immediately responded and said that I’ll be their Goodwill Ambassador and asked my movie industry friends (as well as friends and fans online) to buy tea leaves from Ya’an. I hope to help them get through these difficult times.


Showing compassion, being open-minded, and remaining calm are very important when facing a disastrous situation. What we should do is the most necessary thing at the most suitable time so that our good intentions are put to good use. We don’t want to waste resources. For example, the temporary houses and buildings that have been built can later be reused. But what I truly hope for is that the schools for children can be rebuilt and can be safely used for many many years. Let’s continue to follow the situation closely and continue to support the construction work in the disaster area.





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