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I’d like to share another song with you all. This one is called 謝謝一輩子 “Xie Xie Yi Bei Zi”.
I released this song in China on the 7th day of the 7th month on the Lunar calendar. That day, known as the Qixi Festival, a traditional annual Chinese festival celebrating a mythological tale of the cowherd meeting the weaver girl, is also known as Chinese Valentines day. Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve always heard about this Chinese culture, but I don’t celebrate it very often, and I’ve never actually seriously celebrated this particular festival. Honestly, I’m not a romantic person, and my wife is not the type of person who cares much about these dates. I remember one time I give her a big bunch of roses, and the response I got was, “crazy”!


This time, I’d like to dedicate this song to my wife.

I’ve mentioned many times before, we’ve known each other for so many years. I would often say “xie xie” (thanks) to my wife: thanks for cooking things for me to eat; thanks for ironing my clothes; thanks for looking after JJ and Jones (my two golden retrievers); thanks for looking after my parents; thanks for being there for Jaycee…… “xie xie ni” (thank you), I think I’ll say these words for the rest of our lives.


I’ve been preparing this gift for over 2 years. I even managed to ask Jay Chou (周傑倫) and Preston Lee (李安修) to help with this song. I used a lot of thought towards this song, I hope she doesn’t think I’m crazy again!


This year is our 36th wedding anniversary. Apart from dedicating this song to her, I also want to say, “Lin Fong Chiao, I love you.”


And I also hope everyone all over the world has a heartwarming Chinese valentines day. I love you all




Like with my other songs, I recorded a short message to go with 謝謝一輩子 “Xie Xie Yi Bei Zi”.  Those of you who understand Mandarin can have a listen first! My staff will provide an English translation very soon.

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