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Congratulations to my Le Mans racing team! I just received news that they won the P2 teams: 24hrs of Le Mans Race! This is the first time in history that a Chinese racing team has ever won the P2 Race at Le Mans. Two of our teams took first and second place. What a moment to remember, creating history with the best possible results. You guys are my heroes! Unfortunately, I’m busy preparing for my JC Stunt Team 40th anniversary celebrations and also my 3rd annual Action Week at the Shanghai Film Festival, so I can’t come and celebrate with you right now. Will celebrate with you on your victorious return home! 


恭喜我的车队刚刚赢得今年勒芒24小时耐力赛P2组冠军和季军!这是勒芒历史上首个在P2组夺冠的中国大陆注册车队!请记住我们的三位冠军车手:@董荷斌HoPinTung、Thomas Laurent和Oliver Jarvis,三名季军车手:@程飛DavidCheng、Tristan Gommendy、Alex Brundle。是你们创造了中国赛车运动历史性的一天,刷新了中国车队和车手在勒芒史上的最佳战绩,你们都是我的英雄!遗憾因为要筹备成家班四十周年的活动和第三届动作电影周,此刻不能在你们身边跟你们一起开香槟庆祝,期待你们凯旋归来,我们再一起大庆功!

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