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I want to thank my good friends and brothers: Albert Yeung, Eric Tsang, Derek Yee, and John Shum for holding such an amazing party for me last night. It was an evening I’ll never forget and will deeply treasure because I had the opportunity to see so many friends that I haven’t seen in such a long time. Maybe I was a little too happy and had a few more drinks than usual, because my staff told me that I kept repeating myself. One of the things I kept saying was, “I don’t have many decades left with my friends, and it’s certainly hard to be friends for so long”. I’ve known these people for many years; some 20, 30, 40 years, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to see them again next time, that’s why I value and cherish every opportunity to gather with so many long-time friends. I hope from now on, no matter for what reason, we still have the chance to gather each year like a reunion.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to the party (and also those who couldn’t make it), thank you to all the people who once helped me and taught me things. When I was still a nobody, there were many people who helped the unknown “Jackie Chan”. Now, I am Jackie Chan, I hope I can be the person to help even more future generations of unknown “Jackie Chan’s”. A big heartfelt THANK YOU to you all!!!



感謝楊受成、曾志偉、爾冬升、岑建勳幾位兄弟堅持要做昨晚的活動,讓我有機會見到許多很久沒見的老朋友,因為太開心,多喝了幾杯,一直在說重復的話,其中一句就是,我們都是幾十年的朋友,這種朋友以後很難再有了,所以我很珍惜這樣見到大家的機會,希望今後每一年,不管是以什麼理由,我們都可以像這樣相聚一次。感謝所有昨晚到場和沒到場的同行,感謝所有幫助和提攜過我的人,當我還是陳港生的時候,有很多個Jackie Chan幫過我,現在我已經是Jackie Chan了,我希望可以幫助更多的陳港生,謝謝大家!


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