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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been behind closed doors working hard on a new script. But apart from that, I’ve also been keeping a close eye on the situation in the earthquake struck disaster zone of Ya’an and Guangxi. I had a discussion with my staff and suggested that a group of directors from a television station to visit the disaster zone, and under the condition that they don’t disturb current rescue efforts in the area, they shoot some footage for me so I can better understand what the real situation is like right now. Then I know how to help them. I’ve heard people say that Ya’an is well known for producing tea leaves. Because of this disaster, over 350,000 tea leave farms have been damaged. As soon as I heard this news, I immediately responded and said that I’ll be their Goodwill Ambassador and asked my movie industry friends (as well as friends and fans online) to buy tea leaves from Ya’an. I hope to help them get through these difficult times.


Showing compassion, being open-minded, and remaining calm are very important when facing a disastrous situation. What we should do is the most necessary thing at the most suitable time so that our good intentions are put to good use. We don’t want to waste resources. For example, the temporary houses and buildings that have been built can later be reused. But what I truly hope for is that the schools for children can be rebuilt and can be safely used for many many years. Let’s continue to follow the situation closely and continue to support the construction work in the disaster area.





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