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For me, Being in Cannes is no different to being in any other country because when I wake up every day, I prepare myself for work. And every day for me is meetings, more meetings, eat dinner, and then maybe attend a party or event. But to be very honest, I see all this as work. It’s just that I’m in a different place, meeting different friends (or strangers) at a different restaurant. Each time when I see someone, I would stand up and greet them then sit down, stand up again and then sit down.


Today in Cannes, apart from the usual work, the thing that got me most excited is that I bumped into world’s best football player of all time — Pele! I think a lot of young fans today don’t know who he is. But in my generation, Pele was an amazing footballer! A true superstar! He is a legend! He is going to be very busy in the year to come because the football World Cup will be held in Brazil next year. I look forward to watching the 2014 World Cup!




康城對於我來說,從我每天早上起來就是工作。開會、再開會,吃飯、party是少不了的應酬,但對我來說,都是在工作,在不同的地方餐廳每次見到朋友或陌生人,我都會禮貌地起來,坐下,再起來,坐下打招呼,今天工作之餘,令我最高興的是,我在晚餐時碰到世界球王貝利,可能很多年青人不認識他,但在我們這一代,球王貝利是永遠的傳奇!He is a legend! 他在未來的一年中,會非常忙碌,因為明年世界杯將會在巴西舉辦。 我非常期待明年的世界杯!


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