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Every year when I come to Cannes for the Film Festival, I always feel so excited. But at the same time, I also feel very tired because I have to travel over 11 hours on the plane. My two assistants slept very well on the way there, while I spent the entire journey working on my computer! I’ve always wondered: why hasn’t someone invented a software program that can understand your instructions when you tell it to do something?


After over 11 hours on the plane, we safely arrived in Cannes. I thought that as soon as I got off the plane, I could eat some lunch and then go out for a walk. But I was wrong. Because there were so many people outside who have come especially for the Film festival, I ended up being locked in my hotel room. But that’s okay. I immediately decided to have a script meeting for my new movie. I was actually feeling very tired, but there were directors and production members from all corners of the world who had come especially to have a script meeting with me. When the meeting started, all of a sudden I wasn’t feeling tired anymore and got even more excited as we discussed the ideas. I can tell that they put a lot of time and effort into the preparation work. They showed me many reference pictures and gathered lots of information. The results were very pleasing. The meeting lasted for 4 hours and I didn’t feel tired at all. Right now, it’s windy and raining outside. I feel so sorry for the actors and actresses who have to walk the red carpet tonight! Especially the actresses! Looks like I’ll be staying in my hotel room for a quiet night in.



每年來到康城,心情都好興奮,但是又很累,因為要坐十幾個小時飛機。我兩個助理睡得好甜好香,而我十幾個小時都在弄電腦。為甚麼沒有人發明你說甚麼電腦就幫你做甚麼,平安到達康城,以為可以吃個午餐,再出去走走,卻被關在酒店,立刻為新電影開劇本會議。本來已經很累,但一開始與來自世界各地的工作人員和導演聊劇本,我又越說越精神,他們都很用功,準備了很多圖片資料給我看,收獲不錯。四個小時的會議才剛結束,我一點睡意都沒有,現在外面又是風又是雨,可憐那些走紅地毯的演員們,尤其是那些女明星 看來我還是乖乖的留在酒店吧!


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