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Today I’ve been soooo busy. Interview, interview, interview … and then meetings, meetings, meetings. I also attended a press release conference. And right now, I just finished doing an interview with Bai Yansong for his show “News 1+1”. I know before, a lot of people have been concerned with the old historic Chinese wooden houses that I have. Remember a few weeks ago, I said that I wanted to find a time to explain my story in detail? As usual, I kept my promise! To all my friends and fans who are interested in the full story, tomorrow night on CCTV News Channel at 21:30 (Beijing time), the program “News 1+1” hosted by Mr. Bai Yansong will be broadcast and my story will be told there. If you watch the program, you will fully understand the entire process and reasons behind my decisions. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your care and concerns towards China’s history and culture, and I hope even more people will be interested in this area in the near future. Thank you.






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