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I’m very excited to share this song with you. As a special gift to all my fans, my friends, my family, and all the people close to me, I hope you’ll enjoy this song. Even though you all see me as an action superstar, but I truly love singing as well! Its been 16 years since I released my last album, and I was very pleased to share the news of my upcoming album when I held a small event at the end of March. My new album is scheduled to be released in August this year, and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy seeing another side of me. To be honest, I’m not a professional singer…. I just love to sing, because through singing, I’m able to express many things that I usually can’t say with words. Singing my feelings so a lot easier. I’ve filmed many movies and said many heartfelt dialogues, but in real life, I’ve never actually said “I love you” to my family.


This is the first of my new songs that I’d like to share with you. Hope you like it.


I also recorded a short message to go with this song. But because it’s in Mandarin, my staff will translate it to English for my overseas fans. But in the meantime, those of you who understand Mandarin can listen to my message first.

When…. do we humans suddenly realize that we’re getting old? These few years, every time I receive news of a close friend passing away, I clearly feel that I’m getting old. When I was young, I just wanted to become famous and hoped people in Hong Kong recognized me; people in Asia recognized me; people all over the world recognized me. Making films has always kept me busy and wherever I went, I would call home. Every day, I’d be on the set with my brothers and we’d work from the cradle to the grave. One day he would break an arm, the next day I would break a leg. During those days, we didn’t have time to feel the pain. As time passed by, I started living my own kind of lifestyle. I became someone that everybody recognized. Every day, I’d fly from one place to another. I’d often wake up and wonder, where in the world am I? After a quick scan of the surroundings I’d realize, oh ~ I’m in a suite of a hotel in a city of a country. It’s very luxurious and has everything you need. I then realize the busy schedule ahead of me. I wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair, choose my outfit, and make preparations to face the outside world; to be the Jackie Chan in everybody’s hearts. But in the evenings when its quiet and I’m alone, I will think of you: my respected elders, brothers, friends. Looking back at the times when I was most looked down on, elders gave me wise words of encouragement. When I was still a stuntman, I didn’t have enough money to eat. I remember the old run-down rooms I stayed together with my brothers. I remember the cities I visited with my friends, the restaurants we went to, the wine we drank. I remember the last time we just casually said ‘goodbye’. It never came across my mind that it would be our last time to say goodbye. This song is dedicated those I once loved; have lost; are now gone; and to those I may never get a chance to see again.


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